Information for the speakers


The presentation should be sent to the Project Coordinator’s email address

The Organizer does not accept responsibility for the incorrect displaying of the presentation, if it was not sent earlier and prepared following the guidelines listed below.

Presentation parameters:

  • file: powerpoint (if there are some special fonts, they should be sent with the presentation)
  • format: 16:9 – this is the screen size we use at our conferences.
  • films in .ppt – it’s best if they are embedded in the presentation and also sent separately (properly described) – so that they can be shown in the event of any problems with the displaying them directly through the .ppt.
  • presentation readability: contrasting colours, large fonts, avoiding print screens from websites

We ask that you don’t use presentations in .pdf format as when they are displayed on an external monitor, we cannot view the next slides or their numbers.

We ask you not to use hyperlinks in the presentation – we will not be connected to either your company server or the internet during the event.


File formats:
– .mp4 (approx. 15-20 mbps is enough),
– .mov (HAP codex, Photojpeg)

Resolution – best at 1920×1080, 1280×720

– .mp3 or .wav

– jpeg,
– eps,

Resolution 1920×1080 (larger will not be displayed on the screens)

If you would like the presentations to be presented from your own device, the organizer must be informed of this in advance, while providing the specifics of the presentation (e.g.: if there is audio or a video in the presentation) and information about the device (e.g. laptop make, type of connector). You should come to test the device at a time set by the organizer.

Duration of the presentation:

We ask that you stay within the allotted time frame. There is a timer counting down the remaining time of your presentation at your disposal in front of the stage – please pay attention to it. After the planned amount of time has expired, the organizer reserves the right to turn off the microphone in order to run the congress according to plan.